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Bushfire Technology Pilot Program

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Bushfire Response Eligibility Application Form

Program Overview

Investment NSW, through R&D NSW, is offering grants for field ready bushfire technology to be trialled or piloted with NSW fire and emergency coordination and response agencies.

The objectives of the BTPP are to:

i. enable NSW businesses to commercialise field-ready technology for bushfire-related applications through the trial or pilot of technology with end-user agencies in NSW.

ii. improve end-user agencies awareness of innovation possibilities in bushfire management and operations through exposure to new technology

This inaugural round of the Bushfire Technology Pilot Program is open to eligible entities (refer to A.4 below) with technologies that are ready to be trialled or piloted in an operational environment.

Trials – successful applicants will have access to fire agency data, facilities, or environments required to perform technology tests and produce validation data or case studies.

Pilots – successful applicants will assist fire agencies to evaluate how they may successfully operationalise the technology through workforce capability development and integration into existing systems and procedures.


Grants will be awarded on a competitive basis after applications are assessed by a panel comprised of experts in bushfire management and operations. Eligible applications will be reviewed against the following set of assessment criteria:

  • Feasibility of project proposal
  • Ability to fulfil a need in relation to bushfire management and operations
  • Technical feasibility of the proposed technology application
  • Commercial viability of technology
  • Capability of project team
  • Benefits of technology to bushfire management and operations in NSW
  • Need for funding, demonstrated through a budget breakdown and company financial position.


For further information about the Bushfire Technology Pilots Program, including eligibility and selection criteria, please refer to the Guidelines for Applicants – Bushfire Technology Pilots Program available Here


This application form must be:

  •  completed in full and within the word limit
  • signed by the project lead or representative of the lead organisation and, submitted electronically through Smarty Grants


Closing date

The closing date for applications is 5PM 07 February 2022.

No late applications will be accepted.


Submission of applications

Forms can only be submitted electronically through Smarty Grants. Forms submitted by any other means will not be accepted.


Impacts from COVID-19

R&D NSW is committed to responsible management of COVID-19.

Your project must comply with any COVID-19 guidelines and public health orders in place at the time your project is active. Please refer to official health advice provided by the health authorities in the relevant jurisdiction.